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Sunrise over Mountains

From High Concept to Real Life.

I work with men and women called to a sovereign path of service in business or ministry. Your unique combination of experience, talents and crafts all converging at this divine time make you ready to elevate the world with who you are and what you offer.   

My job is to help you create the perfect platform and presence for your unique mission, develop your sovereign mastery and position you for your new field of influence. 


PRINCE2 Certified Project Manager, Author, Spiritual Teacher.

When I first awoke to my calling in 2012 I was overcome by an intense desire to go out and spread my message, but I had no direction, clarity on what I really needed, no support to execute, and no idea how to reach the ones I desperately wanted to help.  

11 years later I have written and published multiple books, produced hundreds of high impact video teachings and online courses, created the narrative development for a video game, starred in an award-winning documentary, developed unusual business models (like a reiki-infused chocolate company, a magic workshop, an applied philosophy group, and others), not to mention stunning marketing assets. I now lead a successful movement called The Sovereign Way with all the provision, power and actual structure I need for my message to expand in a surrendered and organic way.


Along the Way I have come to develop the exact concierge consultancy that I wished I had when I began my life of spiritual service. With all the tactical skills I picked up on the Way, I get to support leaders in extraordinary missions that are impacting real lives in communities all over the world.


The Service I Offer:

High concept coaching

What is your message?


What is the energetic landscape of your mission field?


What are the frameworks of your sovereign way?


What is being created?

Identity formulation

Your brand aesthetic and design.


Your narrative and linguistic style, copywriting and communication.

Your specific set of gift-based services and products.

Creation and Launch:

Your platform launched on website, social media and local community.


Your communication assets for ministry, marketing or sales all created and organized in a portfolio and plan.


Your book or course produced and published in your mission field.


Your business established and positioned in the marketplace.

Support and Solutions:

In-the-moment solutions generated with you in response to real time change.

Group support and training alongside other spiritual leaders across the world.

Working with me as your creative and spiritual director is a unique experience of deliverance and manifestation. A profoundly cathartic journey with God that deepens your faith, develops your discipleship and yields a real life outcome that is your gift to the world.

For Example...

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Developing the brand aesthetic and portfolio of visual communication assets for Bluebird Sarasota, a series of one-day conferences that celebrate the new wave of female leadership.
Space to Be Booklet.png
Developing the brand aesthetic and marketing assets for Joh Morris Benichou, a visionary, heart-led leader, performance coach and mystic in business.
High concept, project editing and managing manuscript development for Katie Mosely, author of Electric Katieland.
Elevating the presence  of and  executing a new platform for Alpha Female Empowerment Uganda, an award-winning non-profit humanitarian organization that is changing the lives of women and children in Kampala.
Project managing Orly Shamir, a celebrity blind chef creating a platform for supporting blind recovering addicts on their healing journey through nourishing food.
Copy of The (14).png
Creating the website, eBook and marketing assets for Stephie Dalton, a new motivational speaker who empowers youth to develop resilience through neuroplasticity and joy.
Developed the high concept and coached the business start-up for Megan Grace, a registered nurse who left medicine to become a reiki master and death and transition coach for families with loved ones in hospice.
Natalia Garcia
Coaching, shadowriting, formatting and publishing a recipe book of Natalia Garcia, board certified integrative and functional nutrition practitioner who overcame eating disorders and is passionately sharing the message about preventing and reversing autoimmune disease through mindful eating.
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