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Behold, I AM doing a new thing, do you not perceive it? I will make a way in the wilderness, and wellsprings in the desert."

Isaiah 43:19




We are a spiritual development academy from Sarasota, Florida, helping our worldwide community solve problems from a spiritual perspective by using a unique and modern Christ-consciousness system for ascension. We develop the consciousness, energy field and success behaviors of our students through comprehensive spiritual education in group and private settings, using metacognition, energy work and spiritual revelation.


Our curriculum is deeply hopeful, proven in the field and with hundreds of students over the years, and scores of clinical case studies proving personal ascension. Our expertise is ontology, the science of becoming, and our core area of focus is the relationship between consciousness, vibration and form. Our teachings are anchored in spiritual law, and soaked in mercy.

Since 2016 ​we have been guiding our students across thresholds in consciousness, unwrapping and illuminating the specific energetic dynamics involved in each unique case. 


Our clients are healthy and curious spiritual seekers, aware that they have been called to a path of ascending consciousness. They come from a range of spiritual backgrounds and have become leaders in their field of influence. They now desire a high quality framework of perspectives, a new way of interpreting, a way to unify their practical spiritual applications.

Clients approach us for a combination of three things:


  • Mental mastery: They desire to harness and direct benevolent thought, dissolve overthinking or rumination, release mental patterns, activate and formulate their genius.

  • Vibrational mastery: They desire to discern and transform frequencies, master emotions, enhance magnetism and presence, or use spiritual healing or miracle-work as solutions in business, relationship and life.

  • Ascension and intimacy with God: "I know there's more but what I've learned doesn't make sense anymore." Many of our students are church wounded, or stuck at a threshold.

We witness miracles every day. Our students have overcome addictions, emerged from despair with renewed hope and vitality, solved impossible problems in their relationships and businesses, and created their lives' legacy. They have opened the doors of perception and released the patterns of anxiousness and doubt, they have enhanced their magnetism and found Love. 

Why do doctors, psychiatrists, engineers, philanthropists, inventors, mystics, and spiritual entrepreneurs find our work so powerful? See what they have to say.


The Sovereign Way is a framework of spiritual interpretation, a philosophy and program of practice primed for the high thinker, facilitating a spiritual ascension for those often sabotaged by their own intelligence. 

Our purpose through The Sovereign Way is to promote education and development in the higher spiritual gifts. We believe in deepening the conversation about true miracle-work, the healing arts, and the craft of living the Sovereign life here and now.  We believe in a mature, 21st century unity-focused exploration of Christ consciousness and the bringing together of personal magic, human genius and the real, living Jesus. 

There are many among us who are not designed for blind faith, but brilliant doubt. We are the ones who need to make sense of things, to grasp the mysteries and comprehend their meaning before we can really enjoy the real, lived experience of God's presence. We are the ones who meet God through the marvelous mind. There is no shame in this. You are not excluded from the spiritual experience for being a high-IQ thinker.

The spiritual industry covering complementary and alternative medicine was worth $192 billion in 2018 and projected to grow to $271.8 billion by 2024. 60% market share is owned by "therapy classes", indicating a massive demand for education and training for self-healing, vibrational mastery and enlightenment. (Source: Complementary and Alternative Medicines Market Research 2018)

At the same time, membership with a religious institution such as church, synagogue or mosque is declining rapidly. In 2021 only 47% of US adults belonged to a religious institution, down from 70% in 1999. In the same period was a 13% increase in adults who have no religious preference. (Source: Gallup Poll Social Research 2020)

  With an increasing interest in spirituality coupled with a decreasing interest in religion, there is an urgent need for structured spiritual direction and frameworks for ascension. We meet this need with our proprietary model for spiritual ascension delivered in an educational, not religious, setting.


Our program of spiritual development is delivered with a unique and holistic approach to adult spiritual education. Combining metacognitive experiment, precision energy work, apprenticeship and revelation, students' consciousness are developed through cognitive-somatic expansion. The program works regardless of the students' religious background as our focus is on consciousness, not language. 

All courses contain high level spiritual teaching and vibrational transmission. We arrange video teachings into series and seasons, much like a TV production. Coupled with practicum, community support and evaluation, these series are powerful, educational and transformative, leading to demonstrable ascension in consciousness.

We reach people across the globe this way, with students in USA, Canada, Sweden, Belgium, UK and Uganda.

Scroll below to explore our philosophy and download The Sovereign Way course prospectus:



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Matthew A Wilson

Head of Research


Kat Lieberkind

Board Director


Elizabeth A Wilson


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Maria K Viklund

Group Leader

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