5 Week Accelerator Program

Accelerated spiritual development or project execution with private and group coaching.

  • 15 minutes
  • 3,300 US dollars
  • Online or In-Person

Service Description

Whether you are creating a new, enlightened Life for yourself, solving an impossible problem or launching your work of passion, your personal project is unique, beautiful and holy. ​As a seasoned Truth-Seeker, you are a highly intelligent and spiritually mature man or woman of God, ready to turn your overcoming into a service for humanity. But you need help across the threshold. You've been "putting it out there" but now you need to "bring it in here". You need a highly conscious, high IQ qualified project manager who combines industry excellence with robust knowledge of spiritual law, plus a community soaked with Grace! With our unique approach to consulting, we specialize in revealing the links between consciousness, vibration and form, which ensures that your personal project is recognized and primed for the true impact it's ordained for. This is a Holy Spirit led, project-based workflow that WILL manifest extraordinary life shifts. Apart from finally executing the "thing" they've been putting out there for so long, our clients have released addictions, anxiety and overthinking, shame and victimhood, and confusion. Psychiatrists, doctors, researchers, healers, influencers, entrepreneurs and creatives have transcended decades-long patterns of resistance and procrastination. They've untangled problems they couldn’t solve and formulated mysteries they couldn't grasp. They’ve reconnected with a living Spirit, and created: ​books of fiction and non-fiction, transformational coaching programs, business overhauls and relaunch, personal spiritual development projects and ascension, authorized and formulated miracle solutions, tremendous physical healing and supernatural mastery. During these five graceful weeks of spiritual overhaul, we will create the perfect execution plan for your project and activate a powerful divine momentum. We will rebalance your consciousness and energy field, experiencing tremendous forgiveness, to prepare for launch. You will receive training in the higher spiritual gifts of healing and miracle-work. You will get: