The Oasis: Group and self-paced study.

Evocative lectures and group sessions on ascension

  • 10 minutes
  • Online or In-Person.

Service Description

Joining The Oasis is an affordable and powerfully transformative way to experience accelerated spiritual development. Access live teachings, drop-in life coaching and weekly ascension training, and ongoing prayer and energy work, or study in peaceful solitude with our extensive library of video teachings and written resources. Outcomes: You will be with a group of like-minded students with a keen but grounded interest in ascension of consciousness from a Sovereign perspective. You will be challenged and lovingly held accountable, and will have the opportunity to be heard, witnessed and celebrated in your development. You will be nourished spiritually and intellectually with high level teachings, video and written materials and practical assignments. You will understand the spiritual law relating to where you currently are in Life and develop your mastery from there. You will deepen your intimacy with God and come to Know the divine personally regardless of your religious background. The entry tuition fee is $20 monthly. Book a discovery call today to see if you are a fit for this program.

Contact Details

142 Holly Avenue, Sarasota, FL, USA