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Hello - I'm Elizabeth.

I'm the author of The Sovereign Way, and the voice in our videos, meditations and thought experiments that we release for free every week. I'm delighted to invite you to join our spiritual development academy,

The Oasis.

The Oasis is the perfect environment for modern adult spiritual education, with programs that are holistic, natural and malleable to the students' consciousness.


Do you need a high IQ consultant to help unravel the tangle? A simple two-hour session of interprative phenomenological analysis (IPA) will reveal the links between consciousness, energy and form and allow a simple action plan for progress, whatever you're dealing with.

Do you need a highly conscious and deeply loving mentor, project manager and community to help accelerate your breakthrough? Our five-week spiritual development programs designed for you are potent, healing and empowering in an environment yielding extraordinary results. (See our testimonials!)

Or do you need a completely bespoke, crafted-for-you spiritual solution to your personal development, including mastery training in the healing arts and miracle-work? We have been raising ascending masters since 2016. Full life transformation for those with a spiritual calling to the path of consciousness enlightenment. 

Either way, when you join The Oasis you enter a group of conscious and curious students practicing a way of grace, poise and mastery. 

You will belong in our family, studying alongside high level influencers and spiritual masters. You will have access to a powerful prayer circle where miracles unfold daily. You will have access to hundreds of hours of evocative revelation and ontological courses for ascension. You will have behind-the-scenes access to the teachers and be included in workshops, research and masterminds. 

Above all, you will be soaking in Grace. 

Or Enrol Right Now

From daily prayer work and weekly training to year-long private spiritual education.

  • The Oasis Academy

    Every month
    Spiritual liberation and development
    • Live Zoom access to our weekly teaching
    • Q/A and community after the teaching every Monday
    • Drop in life coaching session every Thursday
    • Group ascension mastery training every Friday
    • Ongoing prayer and energy work
  • Private Education

    Every month
    Receive high level ascension training
    • Private spiritual direction retainer
    • Monthly recalibration sessions of consulting and treatment
    • Free access to all events and courses.
    • Inner circle access to teachers and healers
    • Certified Spiritual Healer
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