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You Belong With Us.

If you've been looking for a group of mature spiritual students to practice, discover and grow with, NOW is a great time to join us.

Who we are:

We are a society of (currently) 36 spiritual leaders across 4 continents specializing in metacognition, energy work and ascension.

You could say we're a pack of lone wolves, as we're all individually working on our mission and vision, but we come together for practice, discovery, training and friendship.

Our common interest is mastering a sovereign life in a turbulent world, and together we are developing our vibrational mastery, mental mastery and devotion in Christ.

We know Magic, Genius and Jesus go together, and we build bridges between traditional and new spiritual languages, taking this reconciliation with us into the world.

Your belonging includes:

  • Monday 12pm EST: Live Teaching and Transmission. We meet before and after a Sovereign teaching to set the field, connect intentionally, and optimize our ability to receive the Holy Spirit anointing that is embedded in the transmission.

  • Tuesday 12pm EST: Group Study. We meet to share ideas and revelations relating to the teaching, study the energetics and implications involved in the teaching, stay accountable together for sovereign mastery, and train in relevant techniques.

  • Wednesday 12pm EST: Speaking Sovereign podcast. Matt and Maria broadcast a weekly reflection on the teaching, often with a guest expert, to help ground the vibration into practical life and also to share the Sovereign message outside this group. You can help this mission in many ways, especially by enjoying the podcast, engaging with the comments, and even inviting your friends into The Sovereign Way group.

  • Thursday 12pm EST: Drop-In Clinic and Coaching. An opportunity to work directly with professionals to address specific issues in your life. With hot seat style coaching the group grows together in 100% agreement with respect, non-judgment, confidentiality and sovereignty.

  • Sliding scale access to masterminds and workshops.

  • Access to a rich library of meditations, metacognition experiments, energy techniques and spiritual teachings.

  • Membership with a powerful global prayer circle - we see miracles daily!    


You can attend as much or as little as you like, you will never be left behind. 

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