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A Free Mastermind for Spiritual Liberation

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Ascension Day 2022: May 26th at 6 pm - 8 pm

Presented by Elizabeth A Wilson,
author of The Sovereign Way

In the depths of financial disaster following a hurricane and business failure, struggling with alcohol, anxiety and overwhelm, living with her husband and two young daughters in a tent in the woods, Elizabeth formulated an inspired body of work. This work includes a path of spiritual thought and practice that led to 100% deliverance and resurrection in Christ. Fully restored to wealth, health and personal liberation, Elizabeth shares her teachings through 

The Sovereign Way

Elizabeth A Wilson

Ascension Day 2022: May 26th at 6 pm - 8 pm

In this online mastermind we will:


"Wait, what are you selling?"

This free mastermind is not a sales pitch. It is a true story with Holy Spirit inspired high-level ascension teachings and potent techniques for poise, discernment, forgiveness/release, expansion, genius, alchemy, surrender and devotion. You will be presented with opportunities to continue your journey on The Sovereign Way, independently or with Elizabeth and her team of spiritual liberation coaches, or as a supporter of our ministry and vision.

Grace is Universal, so Deliverance is for everyone: 

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